Want to learn English solo?

In an increasingly connected world, speaking English has become essential. If you want to learn English at your own pace, our school is the perfect solution! Forget traditional, inflexible courses that don't fit in with your schedule. Here you can learn independently and flexibly, with teachers available whenever and wherever you want.

Is it possible to learn English solo?

Yes! Many people still believe that fluency in English can only be achieved in traditional classrooms, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

With our online English school, you'll discover that it's entirely possible to study on your own by following the right steps, with the help of quality teaching material and expert teachers.

Find out how we can get you there!

Our classes will teach you everything from grammar and spelling to specific vocabulary for different situations. And with our methodology and interactive resources, you'll study English with real-life scenarios, in simulations of everyday moments.

Develop your confidence, improve your communication skills, and immerse yourself in dynamic and efficient learning with us.

Everything you need to learn English solo, at your fingertips!

Unlimited interactive classes 24/7

There are 16 levels of English packed with engaging content and interactive features, with exercises  on the verb "to be",  "phrasal verbs" and much more.

Improve your English with real conversations

Access 45 minutes of group classes every day with learners of different nationalities and gain confidence to communicate in English.

Live teachers, wherever you are

Our certified  Efekta Teachers™ will guide you through personalized 40-minute classes, with a timetable and content aligned to your needs.

You can count on our study plan to organize your learning process

1. Find out your level of English

For a well-structured learning experience, our courses are divided into levels, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). And your first task is to take a test to find out which one you fit into!

2. Tell us about your routine

It's common for learners to slow down their study sessions on busy days. That's why we want to understand your goals and the time you have available to study, so we can create a personalized schedule that fits into your life.

3. Unlock your study plan

With this information, our AI will calculate the ideal study plan for you, which will be available to indicate the next task whenever you need it. Simply access the school's home screen to find out which class you need to do next.

4. Start studying

Now that you have your study plan in hand, it's time to start learning English solo for real! But don't worry, you can redo your study plan as many times as you need to so that it always fits in with your routine.

Complete learning so you can speak English with confidence

Learning English means knowing how to communicate in both the written and spoken language. That's why our English courses take a practical approach, focusing on developing your skills in four pillars:


Expand your vocabulary and learn to read everything from work reports to books by your favorite author.


Go beyond the basics and master the grammar to write CVs, emails, and presentations in English.


Keep your hearing sharp for meetings and conversations with people from different countries and with different accents.


Have a full repertoire of vocabulary and grammar to express yourself confidently and be understood by everyone around you.

A method perfected since 1965

More than 20 million learners have already learned English with our Efekta Method™. As part of the EF English Live group, we have a constantly evolving method that has been teaching English since 1965. And we're confident that with the help of our interactive classes and certified teachers, you'll make your dream of speaking English with confidence come true!

Receive an international certificate at the end of each level

When you successfully complete each of our 16 levels, you will receive a certificate indicating that you have mastered that module. Certificates can even be shared on LinkedIn, perfect for those who need to prove their knowledge to change jobs or start a new career.

Just in case you missed something...

Here are some frequently asked questions about learning English solo.