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Being the first online English school has taught us a lot

Most language apps, tutor platforms, or online schools try to replicate a traditional classroom via basic video calls, only match learners with a teacher without a proper learning plan, or offer language learning just for fun.

This is not how you will learn with us.

Learning a language with EF English Live is...


A combination of activities that use your whole brain (deep learning) vs. A simple word memory task (shallow learning) 


A process where you learn from your mistakes vs. A learning environment where you are afraid of making mistakes 


Having conversations in English – right from the start vs. Waiting until your pronunciation is perfect to speak 


Where a great teacher is essential for progress vs. Where you are left without support 

Our teachers do not just teach words and phrases, they teach speaking confidence. From business professionals to world travelers and Olympic athletes, we have taught dedicated learners, just like you, all over the world.  

The most interactive way to learn

Learn by speaking

A conversation-based and interactive virtual learning environment

Complete flexibility

We are available when you are – anytime, anywhere 

Bespoke online learning technology

Combining teachers with AI technology and live-action video to simulate interactive real-life scenarios

We only hire the best

If you want to learn English fast, you need a good teacher

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A legacy of language learning innovation

Founded in 1965, EF Education First understood that language mastery comes from immersing yourself in a country's culture, engaging with locals, and having exceptional teachers.

EF English Live, originally envisioned with Apple and backed by Cambridge University, transforms this experiential approach into the Efekta Method™.

We will have you speaking confidently from day one through real-life scenarios and immersive roleplaying, preparing you for success at work, abroad, or wherever English takes you.

Hyperclass and AI for faster progress

In Efekta Hyperclass™, our conversation-based and interactive virtual learning environment, your teacher works together with speech recognition AI to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Giving you hyper-personalized feedback in real-time to accelerate your progress. 

Teachers and classes available 24/7

Your personalized learning plan is based on your specific goals. Combine 1:1 live classes with a private teacher, interactive group classes with other learners like yourself, and access +2,000 hours of vocabulary quizzes, reading exercises, grammar games and more. With teachers in every time zone, you can book classes at all hours of the day – on any device.

The biggest network of high-quality teachers

A great teacher is irreplaceable. They bring empathy, motivation, and support. Your Efekta Teacher™ will mentor you, discuss learning challenges and find the best way for you to overcome them. We are the only school with a network of over 3,000 certified and trained teachers. Each has a teaching degree, at least two years of real-life teaching experience, and is an expert in patience (it is true).

Why our Efekta Method™ works

EF English Live

In-person schools

Other online schools

Certified & trained teachers

Personalized study plan based on research

24/7 learning flexibility (self-study exercises)

Teacher-led classes available 24/7

28 years of teaching online

AI supported online classroom specifically designed for effective remote learning

Award-winning classes are waiting

Make progress faster

Learning with the Efekta Method™ and Efekta Teachers™

Learning with traditional classroom methods

Learning with Apps

Online English courses that match your goals

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Business English

Get ahead in your career with our Business English Course

Get your dream job. Our real-world business scenarios will help you perfect your communication in the workplace. 




Teacher giving lesson with Hyperclass in EF English Live's online learning

General English

Find your voice in English with our General English Course

Speak English with confidence. Our full range of General English topics ensure you are always part of the conversation. 

A1-C2 Certificates

Speaking confidence

Just in case you missed something...

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about learning English online.