Here you can learn with a certified online English course

In addition to accessing the best methodology method and the best teachers in the industry, at EF English Live you are also awarded an international certificate for each level completed. IAnd it can even be shared on LinkedIn! So you can prove your proficiency in English quickly and easily.

Your English with international certification

Receive a free international certificate for each level of English you successfully complete. After finishing each of our 16 levels, you'll take an exam to test your knowledge. If you pass, just log into your account and a new certificate will be available for you.

In addition to our certificates, by learning English with us you will also be prepared to apply for other international certificates, which can be useful for studying or getting a job abroad.

Check out our 16 English levels and see how they will prepare you for other certifications.

Find out more about each of our English levels!

Access to a complete school

Accelerate your learning with private and group classes!

There's nothing better than putting your English into practise, is there? And with us you can do that with live private and group classes, taught by certified teachers who are trained to help you gain confidence in speaking.

Count on the support of our teachers

Get a personalized learning experience. Our teachers have mastered our Efekta Method™ and the art of teaching English online. They are available 24/7 in live classes that will help you achieve your goals, celebrating your success with you!

Practice vocabulary and grammar wherever and whenever you want

Do you have a few minutes on the bus to work or time left after lunch? You can take advantage of this time off to practise your language skills with our interactive classes. There are thousands of hours of audio and video exercises for you to improve your learning.

The magic is in our Efekta Method™

We've been teaching English to people all over the world since 1965 and have been online for over 20 years. We have a proven approach and method, developed and perfected over the decades, that brings magic to learning.

Just in case you missed something...

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