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Not just anyone can become an Efekta Teacher™

Every Efekta Teacher™ must be triple certified to teach you.  

Noora, Efekta Teacher™

Teaching English for 4 years, United Kingdom


Certified to professionally teach English (TEFL)  


Complete specialized training to teach online and relevant teaching experience 


Trained in the Efekta Method™, which is based on over 50 years of teaching experience  

A good teacher is irreplaceable

Graham, Efekta Teacher™

Teaching English for 5 years, London

Studies show that teacher quality is the most important learning-related factor that influences progress. That is why not just anyone can become an Efekta Teacher™. We choose them with care and train them to be the highest quality online English teachers available.

Access to over 3,000 expert teachers

Stella, Efekta Teacher™

Teaching English for 4 years, South Africa

We are the only online English school that has a network of over 3,000 certified teachers trained in the Efekta Method™.

They bring empathy, motivation, and support to improve your learning outcome.

In Efekta Hyperclass™ our teachers work with AI to give you hyper-personalized feedback for faster progress – without losing the essential human connection you need to learn a new language.

2,000,000 classes are taught per year. (That means every Efekta Teacher™ does about 660 classes in one year!) 

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20 million

Learners taught

2 million

Classes per year


Certified teachers

Teacher rating

(Learners rate teachers after every class)

Efekta Teachers™ in every time zone

No matter how busy your schedule is, we have certified teachers available at all hours of the day. You can be sure that you will always have access to guidance, help, and a friendly face regardless of when or where you book a private class.  

Native or bilingual

We have over 3,000 native or bilingual teachers ready to teach you the ins and outs of English to make sure you can progress at the right pace with the best help.

Our Efekta Method™ – The most interactive way to learn

Learn by speaking

A conversation-based and interactive virtual learning environment

Bespoke online learning technology

Combining teachers with AI technology and live-action video to simulate interactive real-life scenarios

Complete flexibility

We are available when you are – anytime, anywhere

We only hire the best

If you want to learn English fast, you need a good teacher

Online English courses that match your goals

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Business English

Get ahead in your career with our Business English Course

Get your dream job. Our real-world business scenarios will help you perfect your communication in the workplace. 




Teacher giving lesson with Hyperclass in EF English Live's online learning

General English

Find your voice in English with our General English Course

Speak English with confidence. Our full range of General English topics ensure you are always part of the conversation. 

A1-C2 Certificates

Speaking confidence

Satisfaction Guaranteed seal, emphasizing our commitment to quality English education

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Complete at least one teacher-led class and one self-study unit every week. If you are not satisfied after your first 12 weeks, you get your money back.

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