Testimonial: Why English Live's private classes is working for me

It is important to those of us at EF English Live that our students and potential students have as much insight as possible to how our classes work, as well as the entire student experience. One of the important aspects of the EF English Live course is the participation of our students. Therefore it is only natural that one of the best ways to provide insight into our classes and the entire student experience is with the contributions of our students.

Recently two of our online students, Xie and Huang, shared their experiences with our various online classes. We would like to share their comments with you.

Xie Shilje’s experience with EF English Live

My name is Xie Shilje; I am 22 years old and a full-time working professional. I enjoy the free and open minds of the Western countries as well as the English language. One of my goals was to use my spare time to improve my English, which would help with my understanding of Western cultures.

I have been an EF English Live student for two months. During that time I have watched the educational videos in the database. I have also completed four private classes as well as seven group classes. The exercises prepared by EF English Live are very comprehensive. The inclusion of the four major projects of language, “speak, listen, read and write”, is a key benefit. No matter which type of class I take, private or group, I am very happy that I am learning with the help of an English-speaking teacher. This provides me with an easy straightforward path to talk with my teachers and classmates in English. After each class, the teachers offer practical comments and direction based on my personal level.

While I have obviously enjoyed all of my classes, my favourite is the one-on-one tutoring. My exposure to English has been limited and the one-on-one class offers me a number of advantages. I can explain my situation, which allows the teacher to adjust the pace of the class to benefit me. The tutoring class also gives me the opportunity to express myself and the fact that I build a relationship with my tutor gives me the courage to do so. The teachers are always happy and willing to help me with difficult lessons and offer a great deal of helpful advice. The part of the session I look most forward to occurs at the end of the tutoring session. The tutor sends me a letter after class, which recaps the class along with notes about my progress including areas where I have excelled and the areas where I can practice more. This leaves me excited and encouraged for my upcoming classes.

Huang Xinyus experience with EF English Live

I have been enrolled with EF English Live for a little over a month. I have chosen to participate in the small group classes daily. The small class and the structure provide two big advantages for someone like me who wants to improve their English ability. The class meets for only 45 minutes each day and has a maximum of six students. This means that I can maintain and improve my English on a regular basis. The class offers many opportunities for class participation. This optional participation is a great chance to practice your English with other students like yourself.

I particularly enjoy getting in touch with my classmates who are from all over the world. We take turns sharing information about our cultures. I enjoy learning about their cultural customs, values, and etiquette from other parts of the world and have learned a lot from my classmates.

The second advantage is the course format. Each day the topic for the small class conversation is different. This is a great opportunity for me to learn about different fields with which I am not familiar. With some topics, I may not have a lot to offer but I am very happy to learn new information and to ask questions which help in my understanding

The unlimited use of online courses has been very helpful to me. I take a weekly one-on-one tutoring class. I try to speak only English during the 40-minute class and make it a point to ask the teacher to correct my pronunciation during the class. The fact that I receive feedback and advice based on my performance is very helpful in the progress of my English learning.

The instructors at EF English Live are very friendly and enthusiastic. Their attitudes make me even more convinced that I have chosen the right English learning platform. I also have a very positive impression of the English Live customer service teams. Whenever I have a problem or question they contact me quickly, clarify my situation, and offer me the appropriate assistance.

Thank you very much to the EF English Live team and Platform!