Medical English course

Are you fluent in English, but need a little extra help to understand reports, studies, and other scientific documents related to the medical field? Our course for doctors is the solution you've been looking for!

Why is it important for doctors to master English?

Working in this field requires you to have contact with studies and work carried out in different parts of the world. And guess which language the main congresses, studies, and clinical trials are conducted in?

That's right, in English! That's why anyone who wants to enter the medical field needs to master not only everyday language but also technical terminology.

Do you need to move from informal to professional English?

Our medical English course offers comprehensive content that will guide you through the field's vocabulary with practical activities on diseases, symptoms, diagnoses, and the language needed to talk to patients in hospitals and to the scientific and pharmaceutical industries.

Whether you need to learn from scratch or feel the need to deepen your knowledge even further, you also have 16 levels of General English to develop your skills.

Deepen your knowledge with a complete online English school

Immersive private classes

Choose the day, time, and subject and enjoy an exclusive class tailored to your needs, led by a certified native teacher.

45 minutes of group classes every day

Join small live conversation groups and have fun talking about real everyday topics with learners at the same level as you.

Expand your vocabulary with interactive classes

Thousands of hours of audio and video lessons to help you retain grammar concepts and expand your vocabulary for constant progress.

Why choose EF English Live?

We are part of the EF Education First group and have helped more than 20 million learners learn English with our Efekta Method™, created by a team of experts committed to ensuring an exceptional teaching experience for our learners.

Here you have access to live teachers 24/7

We take our faculty selection very seriously! In addition to the several qualifications required for hiring, all teachers are trained in our Efekta Method™ and how to teach online effectively.

You can count on the experience of our group of certified teachers to master everyday English, professional English, technical English, and beyond.

Just in case you missed something...

Here are some frequently asked questions about our medical English course.