Online English classes for adults

Would you like to learn English for adults but don't have time to follow a traditional course with fixed schedules? Are you discouraged by the idea of learning a language because you think it's more difficult as an adult? EF English Live's online English classes for adults are the solution for you. 

How do Online English classes for adults work?

Online English classes for adults were born as a solution for those who want to attend a language course but have difficulty attending due to work, travel, or simply a lack of time.

This is why EF English Live offers a fully flexible online English course for adults, available 24/7, wherever you are.

Online English classes for adults allow you to study when and where you prefer, adapting learning to your travels, work schedule, family commitments, and private life.

You can also choose the frequency of your course and complete classes more or less frequently according to your needs.

Identify your goal

Your needs are a key aspect when enrolling in an online English course for adults with EF English Live. To choose what type of course to take, ask yourself what your goal is.

For example, you can:

Learn English for a trip, or improve your conversation skills for work

Take a General English course for adults, designed for those who want to learn a language for no specific reason.

Take a preparation course for the TOEFL or TOEIC and obtain one of these globally recognized certifications, required for studying or seeking employment abroad.

Customize your online English course for adults

You can choose when to attend your online English course for adults, thanks to the 24/7 availability of our online courses.

You can even choose your preferred learning format. You can opt for a course with individual classes with a certified, expert teacher, or group classes.

You can also suggest topics that are of interest to you and discuss them in class to practice specific subjects.

This way, you will have a tailormade online English course to suit your needs.

Get a certificate

At EF English Live, we offer certificates that demonstrate our learners’ language proficiency upon successfully completing each level. These certificates are a recognition of the effort and dedication they have shown during their learning journey and can be shared on LinkedIn to enhance your professional profile.

This also applies to our courses that focus on different areas of the job market, such as the English course for business and travel.

It's an excellent opportunity to boost your professional profile and master the English language in the context of your career.

Just in case you missed something...

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about our online English courses: