B2 level online English course

Our online English courses are the easiest and fastest way to improve your English. Practice with conversation classes and interactive content and receive a certificate for each level of study you successfully complete. What are you waiting for? Join our online B2 level English course today.

Why choose our online B2 level English course?

Our online English course is structured into 16 levels. Before starting a course with EF English Live, you will take a test that allows us to assess your language level.

If your level turns out to be B2, you will automatically be directed to conversation classes and interactive exercises designed specifically for learners at your level.

Level B2

Level B2 is the fourth level of English in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

At this level, you will be able to understand:

The main points of complex texts.

Conversations that take place in everyday life.

Books, articles, and essays that contains a wide lexical vocabulary.

Course structure

Conversation classes

Personalized conversation classes with a native online teacher, wherever and whenever you want. For your online B2 level English course, our Efekta Teachers™  will customize the classes to your schedule and specific needs.

Group classes

Have conversations in small groups with fellow learners on your level. Improve your listening skills and vocabulary with the assistance of one of our accredited Efekta Teachers™.

Interactive exercises

Access thousands of interactive exercises and content designed for B2-level students. Learn relevant vocabulary and study useful topics and situations. Our B2 online English course content is based on real-world scenarios, and in private classes, you can choose the topics yourself.

Achieve your goals

The classes and materials available for B2-level students are designed for those who are already familiar with English. This level is intended for individuals who already have a basic understanding of English and want to deepen their knowledge of the language.

Through the tools available on our platform, you can reinforce your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, and perfect your grammar.

Certify your B2 English level online

For each level of study you complete, EF English Live will provide you with a certificate accrediting your English proficiency. Share the achievement of your B2 level with your employer or university. You can also add the certification to your LinkedIn profile in seconds. Improve your English and certify your results!

Learning Guarantee

EF English Live is an educational platform that guarantees results. Our data shows that learners progress at least one level every 12 weeks. Complete the curriculum offered at the beginning of the course and advance to higher levels. Success is guaranteed.

Just in case you missed something...

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