Nine ways you can improve your English using the extra day in a leap year

As you most probably know, 2016 is a leap year. That means you have a whole extra day to help you reach your English goals for the year. Introduced during the reign of Julius Caesar, leap years introduce an extra day (a ‘leap day’) to the month of February to keep the length of the year roughly the same as the time it takes the Earth to orbit the Sun.

So, if your goal for the year is to improve your English, that means you have a whole extra day to make it happen. But what can you do in one day that will help you improve your English? There are loads of things you could do and these nine will get you started.

Give a friend an English lesson

Teaching is a great way to improve your own skills and this might be a fun way to spend time with a friend or family member. They also get a free lesson out of it!

Take an English exam

Many of the more detailed English tests take quite a long time to complete. You could use your extra day to take an English exam so [choose an English exam to take – link to existing article on this] and book yourself a place.

Plan your studies for the year

Planning your studies in English is a great way to use your time effectively and make your learning more efficient. Use your extra day to get ahead with your goals by planning out what to study in the coming months.

Have an English-only day

Get together with some friends, and commit to speaking only English for the whole day. If your friends don’t speak English, or you don’t have any friends, you could think in English for the day instead.

Binge-watch an English TV show

There are some great English-language TV shows available on DVD or online streaming services. Why order some food in and try to watch an entire series?

Write a letter in English

Writing a letter can be time consuming but people are always happy to receive them. Try using part of your Leap day to write a letter to a friend in English.

Read a whole book in English

Can you read a whole English book in a day? You won’t know until you try! Set yourself the challenge of reading a whole English book in a day and see how well you do.

Catch up with an English-speaking friend (or make a new one)

Catching up with friends is a great way to spend your extra day this year. It’s even better if you have the chance to practice English, too. Arrange to meet up with an English-speaking friend and tell him or her about all the exciting things you have done since you last met.

Visit an English-speaking country

If there is an English-speaking country within a short plane ride from yours, take a trip there. See if you can get there, see some sights and get back all within February 29th. You will need to get up early but it’s a fun way to spend the day.

So, what are you doing this Leap day? Share your plans to improve your English this leap year in the comments section below.