How English Live nourishes Friendship and Understanding with Virtual Classrooms

> “You almost have that sense of travelling all over the world, even though you > are just teaching online at home.” Learning a language can be difficult but it can also be one of the most enriching things a person can do. Whether it’s a first-time student getting ready to study

Sarah’s story: Learning English to create opportunities for the future

> “I was able to retain more information and learn faster because of the methods > that EF English Live provides. My reading, writing and listening improved > significantly.” In today’s world, we are moving towards a more global society and because of that the English language h

For Heyam, learning English online is a step closer to her marketing career

> “The flexibility offered by EF English Live, and the resources, teaching > methods and support have all helped improve my English to the level that it is > now.” Like many people wanting to succeed at university, Heyam realised she must work on her English skills first because

How Learning English Is Helping Mariam Fulfil Her Dreams in the Fashion World

For Mariam, English is crucial to her dream in succeeding in the fashion world. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Mariam’s dream has always been to become an international fashion designer. She set up her own small start-up a few years ago and began expanding her market by network

Testimonial: Why English Live's private classes is working for me

It is important to those of us at EF English Live that our students and potential students have as much insight as possible to how our classes work, as well as the entire student experience. One of the important aspects of the EF English Live course is the participation of our st