Easy English conversation starters

“Oh, I just love your phone; what kind is it?”

Here you have an example of a conversation starter. Compliments often start conversations in all types of situations, and they can be used in formal and informal settings with people of all ages. Go on and try it; giving a compliment is one of the most stress-free conversation starters!

When starting a conversation, remember to be friendly, casual, and relaxed. People are drawn to positive people, so try to smile and use confident body language.

Here are a few more examples of conversation starters:

“How’s it goin’?”

Using a casual greeting when appropriate can easily lead into a conversation about how a person’s day has been.

“Oh, it’s so hot today! I can’t believe it hasn’t rained in weeks.”

Comments about the weather are common and appropriate in most situations. Everyone can relate to the weather and changes are common, so weather is a popular topic of conversation.

“Did you see the game last night?”

Sports lovers are always eager to talk about the most recent sporting event.

“How’s your job search going?”

Jobs and studying are two of the biggest aspects of our lives. This is an easy topic to talk to anyone about.

After you have used one of your conversation starters, try to use lots of open-ended questions to encourage your conversation to continue. If you get stuck, try to use more than one idea listed above. For example, you could start with a compliment, and next talk about sports. By using popular subjects, you will be building a foundation of items that you and your conversation partner have in common.

Image: AnyaLogic