Top three reasons for learning English

Living in a land where the native language is not your mother tongue can be challenging yet very rewarding. Since I previously mentioned three major reasons to learn a new language I have come across many more situations where I’m grateful that I’ve taken on the test that is learning English.

In my previous post, I brought up how having a grasp of a second language has helped me to meet new people, travel with ease and understand what my favorite musicians are singing about. Since then I have asked friends at different levels of learning a foreign language what their major motivation is. Their answers differed from mine, which led me to write a new list on the positives of learning English.

  1. **Job opportunities
    **As the Euro faces some tough times, many foreigners are making the move to the UK. Having a good knowledge of English is the first step in giving yourself the best chance of landing a job. English in particular is becoming increasingly useful as it the language used predominately for business all over the world.

  2. **Gaining better insight into the world
    **English is known as the language of the World Wide Web. In order to understand and communicate with the majority of the world, English is perhaps the most important tool. It allows us to read, listen and write to a much larger audience. It is no surprise that the bestselling books in modern times are all written in English.

  3. Entertainment
    Turning off the subtitles on your favorite movie is a very rewarding experience. Being able to go to the movies abroad, or walk into a bookstore and read all of the titles is a big plus side to knowing English.

Each person has multiple reasons for learning English and benefits differently from learning a second language. Have a think about all the great things you have been able to do through speaking your mother tongue and imagine the great opportunities that speaking another language could open up for you.

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