Room service! Book a hotel in English with this essential travel vocabulary

If you are one of the millions of people who learn English in order to travel, or if you travel as part of your job, you’ll need to know how to book a hotel in English. With so many options and types of accommodation, booking a room can seem difficult but it’s really not that tricky if you remember these key pieces of English vocabulary.

Check in

This is when arrive and register at the hotel and are given your room key. The place you do this is often called the ‘check-in desk’. This is also where you pay the bill and check out (leave the hotel).


If you have not made a reservation or booking, you can ask “Do you have any rooms available for tonight?” to find out if there is any accommodation available. If you have already made a reservation, say “I have a reservation under the name… (your second name)

Single or double room?

Now it’s time to choose the type of room you want to stay in. Do you want a double room (for two people), single room (for one person) or a suite (several rooms joined together)? The receptionist will ask your preference by saying “What kind of room would you prefer?”


Features provided for the comfort and convenience of guests, like a gym, swimming pool, or spa are called ‘facilities’. Make sure to check what facilities are available and whether they cost extra when you check in by asking “What facilities are available to guests?” or “Do you have a … (facility)?”


Services are similar to facilities, but are provided by people. If you want to have your clothes washed, you can ask for the laundry service, and if you would like your children looked after while you are out, you can use the babysitting service or creche.

Restaurant or room service?

There are several ways of getting food and drink in a hotel. You could eat in the restaurant (serving meals) or bar (serving mainly drinks and snacks) or you could order room service (where meals are delivered to your room).

Room features

These are provided inside each hotel room for the guest’s convenience. For example if you want easy access to snacks and drinks, then you can use the mini-bar (small refrigerator), or make international calls with an international direct dial telephone. Wireless internet access is a common room feature and if you are on vacation, you might ask for a room with a view of the ocean or another beautiful landscape. To ask about room features, say “Does the room have a …(feature)?”

room nice views

Business Center

Although for many people, a laptop and internet connection is all we need to work, hotels also cater to business travelers by providing a Business Center with conference or meeting rooms, computer facilities and other business services.

Airport transfer

This service means that the hotel provides transport to and from the airport. The hotel might also offer a shuttle service to take guests to major shopping areas and tourist attractions.

Other types of accommodation

Sometimes, staying in a hotel might not be right for you and if this is the case, there are many other types of accommodation (places to stay). Younger travelers on a budget can stay in a hostel, while a B&B (Bed and Breakfast) provides accommodation and meals in a family home. If you are on vacation and want to stay somewhere with all the facilities you need for your vacation, you could stay in a resort. If you want something cheaper and like being outdoors, you might even want to try camping in a tent at a campsite.

So, now you have all the vocabulary you need for your next trip, all that’s left is to go out and do it!

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