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Black Friday 黑色星期五,又稱黑色購物節,起始於1950年代,原本是在美國感恩節後 ( 11月的第3個星期四 ) 的第1天,店家會在這一天提前降價、搶先開賣耶誕商品,黑色也象徵著獲利,後來就成為美國民眾在年底這段期間的重要採購日,而這股風潮也逐漸蔓延到全世界,成為零售與電商年終的重頭商戰之一。


  • Sale:拍賣

  • Buy one, get one free:買一送一

  • Discount:折扣

這幾個字於電視廣告、賣場、購物中心、商店幾乎無所不在,各店家幾乎都是花招盡出,吸引消費者的注意,強力鼓動消費慾望。然而除了這幾個耳熟能詳,甚至可朗朗上口的的字句外,還有一些和購物、消費、交易相關的說法, 今天也藉這個主題一起來了解。

Belly up : 破產、倒閉
– When a business goes belly up, it’s bankrupt.

The business went belly up after only one year.

Blow a deal : 搞砸一樁交易
– It means that the business deal won’t be going ahead.

We can’t afford to blow a deal with the new client. It will be a big loss to our company.

Cut a deal : 達成協議或交易
– Come to an arrangement, especially in business; make a deal

A Germany company has reportedly cut a deal to produce software for government agencies.

Learning curve : 學習曲線,用以說明學習新工作或新技術,或對兩者上手的難易程度。
– The process where people develop a skill by learning from their mistakes.

Mandy found that she has a steep learning curve in her new job.
Mandy 發現在她的新工作上需要花很多的時間和努力才能熟練上手

Mean business : 認真嚴肅的,決心要達成目標
– Be serious, be focused on achieving a goal or an objective.

I could tell from the look on his face that he meant business.

Put the cats among pigeons : 表示語言或行為造成軒然大波
– Do something that causes trouble or make a lot of people worried or angry.

The chairman didn’t realize that he put the cat among the pigeons with his last speech. 主席沒意識到他上次的演講引起了軒然大波

Red tape : 表示繁文縟節、官僚作風
– Official rules and regulations that seem unnecessary or cause delay

It will take weeks to get through the red tape.

Sell like hot cakes : 熱賣、搶手
– To sell rapidly and in large quantities.

The pineapples and bananas are apparently selling like hot cakes.


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