Phrasal verbs y Colocaciones con do

How to to use “to do” often causes confusion to English students. In this article we will share some examples of how to use it as well as their meaning. Let’s jump right into it, here is a list of frequently used collocations with do.

Collocations with do

Do (something) right/ wrong.

He did something  wrong and felt bad.

I did something right at work.

Do (someone) a favor.

Could you do me a favor and carry these bags?

Do good.

The students always do good in their community.

Do damage

The fire did damage to the house.

Do homework

I like to do homework at the cafe.

Do business

My company does business with over 20 foreign clients.

Do exercise

My doctor told my father to do exercise daily.

Do the dishes

I hate to do the dishes so I need a dishwasher.

Do (the) laundry

She does laundry every week.

There are also a few useful phrasal verbs that you can incorporate.

Phrasal Verbs with do

Do without

To succeed in living or working without someone or something.

We’ll have to do without Ben at today’s meeting, he’s on a business trip.

Do away with

Get rid of; remove; put an end to

I wish we could do away with poverty.

Do over

To do something again from the beginning.

I need to do over the bedroom. My husband doesn’t like the color of the walls I just painted.

Do up

To fasten something (usually clothes)

Do up your shoelaces or you might fall.