The online classroom designed to keep you motivated: Efekta Hyperclass™

EF English Live has taught English online for over 25 years, making it the first-ever online English school. A recurring theme is that learners struggle to stay engaged and motivated, especially when studying online. A problem the EF Educational Technology Team set out to solve when developing Efekta Hyperclass™ – a groundbreaking online classroom. With AI-driven feedback, virtual reality scenarios, and real-time interaction, all designed for better motivation and engagement, Hyperclass is leading the evolution of online education. 

Revitalizing the traditional classroom

In the world of online education, many platforms strive to replicate the traditional classroom experience. Tim Ackroyd, EF EdTech’s VP of Creative & Design, tells us that for him “Traditional online classrooms conjure images of the Victorian classrooms of the past – a grid of expressionless faces – sitting still, eyes forward, just listening to the teacher.” So, when the EF EdTech Team set out to create a new online learning experience, they knew they needed to embrace the transformative power of technology instead of staying stuck in the past. 

Awarded for our innovative approach, EF Education First has been at the forefront of online learning for several decades. With a focus on replicating the incredibly effective experience of learning in an English-speaking country, our approach is not about mimicking a physical classroom but creating something unique and proven to work. 

Changing ways of learning  

During the global pandemic, the shift towards online learning dramatically increased, which makes a lot of sense. But what surprised us was that before 2020, 70% of our learners in China would choose ‘Hybrid learning’ – a combination of in-person and online classes. By 2022, 80% of learners said they would choose to learn online only. This shift highlighted the need for effective digital learning experiences. 

So, Hyperclass, EF Education's latest groundbreaking innovation, was born. Developed based on extensive research and feedback from both learners and educators, Hyperclass aims to bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and the flexibility offered by online learning. 

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Connecting learners and teachers through technology  

Unlike traditional online English classrooms that often feel static and impersonal, Hyperclass takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to create an engaging and immersive learning environment. From AI-driven personalized feedback to virtual reality role-playing scenarios, every feature is carefully designed to tackle common issues with learning online, like motivation and staying engaged. 

Tim emphasizes the importance of meaningful connections between teachers and learners too. He describes Hyperclass as a dynamic, collaborative space where learners have agency, tools, and personalized guidance from their teacher. 

Improving learner engagement 

One of the key principles guiding the development of Hyperclass was the empowerment of teachers to address individual learner needs effectively. Real-time feedback and interactive exercises allow you to rehearse, roleplay scenarios, get guidance, and gradually improve, creating concrete progress – the key to staying motivated. 

Since its launch, Tim says the biggest change is the increased level of learner engagement during class. Which in turn is the result of improved teacher presence – a significant challenge in a digital environment. By including elements of surprise and delight in the teaching content, Hyperclass ensures that learning is not only effective but enjoyable. And when you make something memorable, there is a higher chance it will stick. 

The future of online learning 

Looking ahead, the future of Hyperclass is filled with possibilities. William Decker, Vice President for Product Innovation, is committed to continuously improving the learning experience based on insights from data and direct feedback from teachers and learners alike. The plans include introducing new courses, content, and teaching contexts.  

Ultimately, Hyperclass represents a significant milestone in the evolution of online education—a testament to EF Education's dedication to innovation and excellence. As you embark on your journey to master English, Hyperclass offers a clear path that mirrors the experience of learning in an English-speaking country, all from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you decide to learn from). 

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