EF English Live has been helping millions of students learn English online for 25 years | EF English Live

It seems like yesterday when EF English Live was just a pioneering project of EF Education First to start learning English online through a platform for the time and since 1996 we have experienced the great digital transformation that has allowed that project to become the most valued option for students to learn English.

1996 EF Englishtown was born, the first steps in online learning.

EF English Live is part of a generation that was born with rather rudimentary technology and over the years has progressed and updated to become today’s digital powerhouse. Thanks to big bets, such as partnering with Apple to create our first online English language school and the commitment of our technical service to find new ways to teach English, we have been able to continue improving our technology over the years.

EF Englishtown begins to grow at the turn of the century.

Although the design of our school and the updating of our contents to the present day, from the beginning our objective has always been the same, to make English available to everyone through the best technology and to ensure quality learning.

Our teachers, our pride.

From the very beginning, EF English Live‘s core teaching method has been private classes with live teachers. Although technological advances have helped us to reach more and more people more quickly, our teachers have always been the pride of our method and of our school. They have allowed us to give the greatest flexibility to our students as their classes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From desktop to mobile

One of the great advances of what was previously known as EF Englishtown is the move to mobile with the creation of applications for IOS and Android that allowed us to take the school out of the home and take it anywhere thanks to the mobile phone or tablet.

In 2016 EF Englishtown changed its name to EF English Live.

After 20 years of bringing English to homes all over the world, EF English Live decided to completely revamp its design and branding with the name EF English Live. This also entailed updating the school once again, which won us gold at the 2018 learning awards.

But our biggest award is having been able to teach over 20 million students around the world and is the highest-rated online school by our students according to Trustpilot.

The future of EF English Live

Having reached 25 years motivates us to continue improving our service and our technology through new tools. In addition, the continuous adaptation of our method to the present allows us to keep moving towards academic excellence.