Travel English: key words for staying at a hotel

If you travel abroad either on business or for a holiday, you will probably be staying at a hotel.

Many hotels offer plenty of services other than providing you with a bed to sleep in, so here are some useful Travel English words that will come in handy when staying at a hotel.

If you’re arriving by plane you should check with your hotel and see if they offer airport transfers. This is an easy and convenient service where someone from the hotel will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the hotel. Similarly, when it’s your time to leave and go back home, they will drop you off at the airport, no need to hail a taxi!

Another excellent service that most hotels provide is room service. Have you ever been on holiday and all you wanted to do is, nothing? Well, with room service you don’t even need to leave your room. Room service will bring what you need to your room. Usually this includes anything from towels and toiletries to your meals!

Hotels want to make your holiday as relaxing and easy as possible. If you want to be worry free, make sure your hotel also offers tour packages. This is when the hotel caters to all of your sightseeing needs. They set up your transportation to and from the sightseeing destination and anything else needed for your trip, so all you need to do is pack your camera and go!

With so many services on offer, tipping – also referred to as a gratuity – is expected of you. Tipping is the act of leaving extra money for the services provided, something particularly essential in the US, where it’s common to leave a 15-20% tip if you receive good service. So if your hotel has made your stay extra special, make sure you leave tips for the chamber maids, porters or other hotel staff.

image: UggBoy