Learning English can change your life

Whether you’re looking for incredible job opportunities or even romance, learning English is your short cut to success! All over the world, countless lives are being improved with English. To understand how far English can take you, take a peek at these two true success stories of how English can drastically change lives.

Sweet success

Tyler used to have a lot of regrets in his life – he didn’t study hard in middle school and didn’t go to college after high school. But then English changed his life, and he wouldn’t trade where he is now for anything.

After working as a waiter for several years after high school, Tyler decided to begin night classes at a local college. To pay for tuition, he took a day job that wasn’t too stressful – as a security guard for a multi-national company. Though he was majoring in computer science, he knew the importance of English and studied it hard. At work, he would sit at his desk flipping through English flashcards, and the native English speakers who worked at his company would often go to him for help because he was the only guard who spoke English.

One American was touched at work by Tyler’s desire to learn English. As an English trainer, she began to help him improve. Suddenly, before they knew it, English became not only the language of their communication – but also their love! Now they’ve been together for over one year, and Tyler studies even harder knowing that his future will depend on his level of fluency. With love in his life as well as talks of moving to America, Tyler feels his life has changed so much – all because of English!

Dream job

When Samuel began studying English at 10 years old, he never imagined where it would take him. Although he majored in computer science, it was those English skills he worked hard to build that gave him the edge when he applied to the company of his dreams – Microsoft.

Now as a senior engineer at one of Microsoft’s global support centers, most of his daily work – finding solutions for his customers – is done in English. In fact, 80 percent of his customers don’t speak his native language, so clear communication in English is vital in his role.

And now that he has this dream position, he won’t easily give it up. The working environment and benefits provided by this corporate giant cannot easily be matched. And Samuel couldn’t be happier. He adds, “Without English, I wouldn’t have my job or my friends, and wouldn’t be able to enjoy the same lifestyle, so of course English has changed my life!”

So whether you’re looking for love or money, fame or fortune, English could be just the ticket you need to change your life forever!