Why You Should Learn English

So everyone keeps telling you that you should learn English and that English is the language of the future. You are happy with your own language and don’t understand what all of the fuss is about. Well, maybe that’s because no one has ever given you any truly fun incentives to learn English. Read our list of reasons that they didn’t teach you in school and perhaps you might be more inspired to start improving your English skills!

Foreign accents are cute in English

Although you might feel awkward or uncomfortable when speaking in English, most native-English speakers actually find foreign accents quite endearing, if not downright sexy!

You’ll finally be able to understand the lyrics of your favorite English song

Tired of filling in the blanks to your favorite English song lyrics with humming noises? If you worked a little bit on your English, you could be singing along to your favorite song, including the correct lyrics, in no time.

When you travel abroad, you’ll actually be able to communicate with people (and avoid getting lost)

If you go abroad to Paris, for example, and your native language is Japanese, chances are that most people may not be able to speak your language. But chances are pretty good that they may speak a little English. At EF English Live we offer an English travel course to help you gain confidence with your English communication skills.

You can watch your favorite Hollywood movies in their original version

It’s not the same hearing Sean Connery say “Bond, James Bond” in a dubbed voice-over. Improve your English and have more fun watching movies in their original version.

You’ll impress all of your friends

Imagine how impressed your friends when you’re the only one who can speak to the new foreign exchange student or visitor in town. We bet that they’ll wish they’d learned English as well as you.

It’s fun to learn bad words in foreign languages!

Come on, admit that it’s fun to say bad words in a foreign language. Learning local expressions and maybe even a few not so politically correct words will have you sounding like a native English speaker in no time.

People, especially native English-speakers, will appreciate your efforts

Believe it or not, we understand that it is difficult to learn a foreign language and appreciate the efforts you make to speak in ours. So come and talk to us – you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that we speak a few poorly pronounced words in your language!