Different Ways of Ending a Conversation in English

Ending a conversation can be difficult. Worrying about being seen as rude is a major concern. Here are some excellent ways to end a conversation nicely and leave a good impression:

1. Always use positive comments

By using phrases like ‘Excuse me’, ‘May I…’, ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’, you will immediately appear as being polite.

‘Excuse me, but I have to leave’

‘Please excuse me’ and ‘May I be excused’ are all great examples.

‘Thank you very much for your time’

2. Be clear on the next step

The second key to remember is give your listener a plan – tell them what you are going to do next! Follow a phrase with ‘I will…’ or ‘Let’s meet again’. A great example of this is ‘I will let you know!’

3. Use valid excuses

Alternatively, if you have no reason to leave, make a valid excuse. Common excuses include work, your next appointment or simply being busy. Don’t cut the person off, but make it clear that you have somewhere else to be.

‘I will let you know’

‘I need to run because I just noticed I am late for my next appointment’

4. Pay a compliment

It’s always nice to tell a person how much you have enjoyed their company. Nobody will mind you leaving if you pay them a compliment on your way out:

‘I’m glad we got to talk’

‘I have really enjoyed our conversation’

So, always be polite, talk about what comes next, use clear excuses and compliment your conversation partner!