How to negotiate a higher salary in English

When you’re offered your dream job, it’s tempting to agree to the offer right away. But don’t! Managers often expect prospective employees to negotiate their package, and even negotiating a small amount per month can offer big returns in the long run. Follow these tips to negotiate a higher salary in English.

Be polite and professional

Whatever you think of the offer and the package, make sure you give your thanks. Use expressions like “Thank you for the offer” or “I appreciate your consideration” and “I am honored that you have selected me” in more formal situations.

Don’t give your emotions away

If you seem too enthusiastic when you are offered a job, the hiring manager knows he is in a stronger position for negotiating a salary. Instead of saying, “OK”, when you hear the salary figure, say “Hmmm…” This lets the hiring manager know you aren’t quite satisfied and can lead to immediate negotiations.

Give clear reasons why you expect a higher salary

Use your current salary, other job offers or statistics you’ve recently read about your field to explain why you would like a higher salary than the initial offer. Use expressions like “I had something a little higher in mind” or “I was expecting something within the 5 to 7,000 range” to do this without seeming rude.

Ask for some time to think

A hiring manager may put pressure on you to accept an offer, especially if they really want you, but don’t rush into decisions. Request at least several days to think through the decision. You can add, “I’m very interested in your company, but this will give me some time to make a more informed decision.” Making them wait a little puts you in a stronger position if you do decide to ask for a slightly higher salary.

Make sure you understand the full package

Your salary is not the only source of income from a job. Make sure you understand the bonus system and how it works, what other perks (benefits) you are entitled to and any pension schemes that are part of the package. A substantial bonus or generous car allowance can help boost the amount of money you earn every year.

I’ll take it!

When it comes down to the final decision, this is a fun and friendly way to accept an offer. After you have accepted, you can let the people who have hired you know that you are looking forward to working with them. For more formal situations, say “I’d like to formally accept your offer.” If, on the other hand, you don’t want the job, say, “After much consideration, I’m afraid I won’t be able to accept your offer.” Be sure to always give an answer, and to always be polite!